We can provide you with the finest quality services available; we are real jewelers, not just merchants.

We offer expert watch and jewelry repair, appraisals, and engraving. If you request it, we will be happy to give you an exact price on any repair before the work is done.

You can trust that you will always be treated fairly and given honest advice for all your jewelry needs.


“Stanley Brown Jewelers has been a fixture of Lincoln Square for almost a century and it seems to me they’ve learned a thing or two about service in that time.
Stanley Brown does two things different than many jewelers I’ve visited. First, they do custom work on site. While many places will outsource their custom work, you can actually talk to the person who will be making your piece.
That leads me to the second thing: service. Just for coming in and talking, they cleaned and polished my watch and my wife’s engagement ring. They’re patient, extremely knowledgeable, and not afraid to educate their customers.
If you want a jeweler more interested in keeping you as a customer than getting the highest margin off you, try Stanley Brown Jewelers.”
– Five Star Review on YELP.COM 1/7/2008

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ekstrom, Thank you very much for all the ring cleaning, necklace fixing, etc. You are both by far unique in all you do. Personality and kindness you both have are really what we need more of but at least there are you both. So thank you again.”
– The Gelfonds