Ricky P.


A very helping hands and a wonderful place to look for your required ornaments with elegance. I went in Stanley Brown to buy a band for my friend and I loved the sparkle in her eyes when she wore it. It felt as if it was made for her to make her more shine.


Benjamin B.

Just like previous reviewers: customer service was exceptional.

Stage 1: I walked into Stanley Brown on Dec. 29 with a diamond earring that belonged to my Great-Grandmother. My intentions were to set the diamond in a ring to give to my wife for our 1st anniversary. Shauna was great in discussing settings, price-points; knowing that I wanted a white gold setting with hopes of featuring my diamond with others she uncovers a piece they purchased before gold prices soared. Talk about making a customer happy as she offered to make the setting available at pre-stratosphere-priced gold prices. Wow. I ended up with a beautifully understated gold ring with the band lined in diamonds that undoubtedly was going to make my diamond shine.

Stage 2: The 29th was the Thursday before New Year’s Eve (Saturday). Shauna explained that the shop had a lot of work to do and because they take the first week off in January my ring wouldn’t be ready until January 9th. Normally that would be ok, but my anniversary is January 8th. I knew there wasn’t much she could do and there was no one to blame so I succumbed to the thought that I would be giving my wife the ring January 9th. No biggie.

Friday, Dec. 30, late afternoon rolls around. I’m at work and I receive a voicemail. It’s Shauna wishing me Happy New Years and informing me that they squeezed my ring into their busy schedule so I would have it for my anniversary. Literal fist-pumps in the air. I was ecstatic. I was able to pick up the ring Saturday morning – of course they did an astounding job.

Top notch service. Top notch craftsmanship. This is how you build a business that will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2012. This is how a business stands the test of time by creating a client-base that returns time after time because the clients know they will be receiving only the best – the best of everything at any angle you want to look at it.



Brianne R.

I’m going to join the love fest for Stanley Brown Jewelist. The staff here is SO nice and SO helpful. Each experience I’ve had here has been fantastic, but last week, they outdid themselves!

For my wedding, I wore my great-great grandmother’s brooch pinned to the inside of my dress as my “something blue.” The piece is costume jewelry, and although it doesn’t have much monetary value, it has a high sentimental value to my family. Well, at some point during the reception, it came off of my dress. I didn’t realize it until much later in the evening when I finally took the dress off. Luckily, the reception venue found the brooch when they were cleaning up that night. (Hooray!) When it was returned to me, though, it was missing three of the aquamarine-colored stones and the back pin was bent.

I took the brooch in to SBJ and explained my dilemma. They recognized that it was costume jewelry and understood that it wouldn’t make sense to fill the holes with real gems. I left the piece there for them to take a closer look to see how they could fix it.

Within a matter of days, they found replacement rhinestones that were the PERFECT match. Seriously, I can’t tell which are the replacements and which are the original. They also fixed the back. And they did it all very inexpensively. The brooch has never looked better!

Thank you, SBJ! (I promise to be more careful with the brooch going forward!)


Mark V.

I admittedly don’t know much about jewelry or jewelers, but having shopped around a bit before deciding to go with Stanley Brown Jewelist for my fiancé’s engagement ring, I am really grateful to have found them.

We got the engagement ring and the wedding bands from Stanley Brown and it all worked out great. We actually bought two of the rings sight unseen: the engagement ring was out of a catalog (ask to see this if you’re interested in some more vintage-style rings), and for my wedding band we got an existing ring in a different metal. It was a little nerve-wracking not knowing exactly what the final product would look like in advance, but the staff put us totally at ease and everything turned out wonderfully. They even helped me come up with ways to sneakily determine my fiancé’s ring size!

Shauna, Bruce, and everyone else have been great. Plus there are always a few dogs walking around behind the counter to pet. Highly recommended!


Kate L.

I haven’t actually bought anything at this store yet, but I have gone in a few times and they are very nice and helpful people. I wasn’t dressed very well, and look really young, but they still treated me with great courtesy!


Jamie B.

I cannot say enough good things about Stanley Brown Jewelist. We went here to find a wedding band for my husband and we definitely picked the right place.

The staff was so helpful and patient. They explained all the different options in terms of gold and platinum versus alternative metals and the different sizing and finishes. This was very helpful because going in we really didn’t know too much. You could tell they were really trying to find something that my husband would love; not just trying to push a sale to make some money.

I think my husband tried on about 15 rings (some of them more than once) and found a few that he really liked. We decided to take the week to think all the options over, and then went back in a week later and decided to custom order a ring that melded the different aspects he liked about the rings he was deciding between. The ring arrived within two weeks and we were both so happy with how the ring turned out. It fits perfectly and we both love the way it looks.

If you’re making an important jewelry purchase, go to Stanley Brown Jewelist. Their customer service can’t be beat, their selection and flexibility in terms of being able to do custom work is fantastic, and they really have a range of prices that allows you to find something that fits within your budget but isn’t skimping on the quality.


Chitown D.

These people know what they’re doing. When I sat down to write this review, I realized that we’ve had a lot of work done here. First and most importantly, we purchased our wedding bands here. We had both custom made and they were exactly how we envisioned them. Also, they reset my engagement ring (which my husband had made out-of-state by his hometown jeweler) and I also had them shape it to match my wedding band. Again, it was exactly what I wanted.

My husband had a necklace designed for me here and it is stunning. I also inherited a set of dangly pearl earrings in a gold setting. I’m not a gold girl and they aren’t my style, so SBJ covered the gold with a silver finish. I still haven’t worn them, but it’s now more likely that I will someday. They have also cleaned several items and changed the flimsy settings on a pair of diamond earrings from the Caribbean. Lastly, we had them appraise several items for insurance purposes. We have been pleased with everything.

We didn’t “price out” any of this, as we felt the quotes were fair. Maybe you could find things cheaper somewhere else, but who cares really. We LOVE supporting local businesses and try to stay away from chains as much as possible. When it comes to something as important as your wedding rings, do you really want to go to a mall?

On a side note, the other day I was complimenting a friend on her wedding band. She told me they had them custom made at SBJ. We had a great time talking about how we “love those guys!”

If we ever need anything else in the jewelry department, this is where we’ll be going.


Gina D.

We get all of our jewelry here and we are always treated so special . . . prices are great too!!


Andrea W.

I’m here to add my voice to the heaps of praise for Stanley Brown Jewelist. I had my engagement ring custom made here and the entire staff was so sweet! They worked with me throughout the process and kept in close contact through email and phone when I didn’t have time to drop by the store. Bruce was so helpful with the stone selection and Debbie was incredible working on the styling of the ring with me. I am so, so pleased with the final ring and my experience with Stanley Brown.


Katy H.

We love our rings! My new husband and I both got our wedding rings from Stanley Brown. Mine custom made and his custom ordered.

I was pretty particular about my ring, using stones “recycled” from other pieces and insistent on using a metal minimally harmful to the environment. The owners and staff at Stanley Brown were helpful every step of the way.

I love my ring (and my husband, of course) more and more every day.


Violette H.

Before beginning my hunt for which jeweler I would entrust to engrave my now-husbands ring, I had no idea there were so many engraving options.

I quickly learned that I did not want what most jewelers have to offer regarding engraving–i.e. block letters in all capitols. I wanted a gorgeous script to match the sentiment of the engraving I desired to have committed to his ring. I learned that this meant I needed to find a shop which offered hand engraving–Stanley Brown does.

Stanley Brown did a phenomenal job on the engraving, and were friendly, helpful, and professional from the first contact to the last (and I confess that I was a slightly neurotic bride-to-be at the time and may have called them multiple times with more questions and concerns than was perhaps warranted).

The engraving is gorgeous. The craftsmanship that Stanley Brown has to offer with regards to engravings is top-notch.


Wes D.

True professionalism in a mom n’ pop package. They helped me custom-design my wife’s wedding and engagement set, cutting a model out of wax and having it cast, then setting the heirloom diamonds that I had in the design… all for less than what other jewelers were charging to hand me a mass-produced ring! Before you go anywhere else, go to Stanley Brown.


Holly K.

I had a ring custom made here as a graduation gift to myself. When I got my new ring, I was thrilled. (Still am!) The ring is beautiful and the quality is outstanding. The staff is amazing and very helpful. They listened to me and gave me suggestions that were useful! They also remained within my budget! These people know their stuff and Shawna (sp?) is wonderful! I showed my ring to all my friends and told them to go here if they are ever in the market for jewelry.


Rachel K.

Where do I even begin?? The amazing custom ring, the wonderful and friendly customer service, the attention to detail?? Stanley Brown has it all!!

When my boyfriend and I started looking for engagement rings I saw a lot of elements I liked but couldn’t find “the one”. I stopped in Stanley Brown (after seeing the excellent yelp reviews) and the staff was so friendly. I went back a few days later with my boyfriend and we started the process of designing a custom ring. I had so many details and ideas and Bruce really helped me sort out what would look good and what would work and what wouldn’t. He was so patient with me even though I was always changing my mind or adding in another detail or calling with random questions. He took us through the process and found us a beautiful diamond.

I didn’t see the ring completely finished until my boyfriend (now fiancé!) proposed. IT’S AMAZING!!! They got every detail and understood my big picture vision of what I wanted in the ring! I can’t stop staring at my beautiful ring.

If you’re looking for an excellent piece of custom jewelry and friendly service with it, Stanley Brown is a must! We will be going back for our wedding rings. A big thank you to Bruce and his staff for taking the time to work with us and make my dream ring become reality!


Elif M.

What a lovely alternative to impersonal mall jewelers! The staff is really friendly and know what they are talking about — they never make you feel lousy for asking questions or taking your time. There are lovely gifts here for lots of occasions and the engraving is done beautifully by one of the owners. It does not matter what price range you are looking at — thoughtful service is extended to everyone…



So kind and friendly and they do magnificent work. I had my wedding ring resized and they even called to let me know that they would need to reset the stone so it would cost a little more (still well within their estimate). Prices reasonable, service top-notch, location is convenient.


Emily T.

We did some serious research on jewelers, online and with friends, and found Stanley Brown to be recommended by everyone. We stopped in after work to look at rings for my fiancé. Right away, it’s an easy, friendly, no-pressure atmosphere. The sales clerk was very personable, we explained our budget and our style, and after showing us some nice, new rings, she pulled out a tray of older styles, with older prices. Much, much lower prices on the platinum ring that we were looking for. We found an amazing and unique ring for my fiancé at a very, very reasonable price. We really weren’t expecting to find a perfect ring so quickly, but when you know, you know.

A side note- I have my own engagement ring- something we picked up at an antique store- and I asked if they could clean it while I was in, which they did at no charge. After the clerk brought it back, I showed her where the appraiser said that the ring needed to be reinforced, and inquired if I should do it right away. I had been hesitant to have any work done, since it would mean adding platinum which is an expense I don’t feel like taking on before the wedding. The owner took a look at it and told me that I could wait at least several years before I need to have any work done to it. My point of this story? A less ethical jeweler would have taken that opportunity to make an easy buck and insist that it was done right away. The staff at Stanley Brown seems to know that treating customers well will keep that return business that has kept them open for practically a century. That is majorly impressive. I will definitely think of them first for any other jewelry needs!


Bryce R.

Katie and I have been together for about 4 years. We know each other very well. When we decided to start looking for a ring you would have thought that would have made it easy, it was not. When we began several months ago, we did not think our request was too demanding. Katie wanted something non-traditional, natural and elegant. The stone she wanted was a natural blue star sapphire in a delicate, organic setting. After about 6 months of intense searching online and stopping in just about every jeweler we came across, we were starting to feel depressed. Many places had sapphires, but few stars, those that had stars rarely had naturals (which were necessary for their translucent, almost celestial color) and for the few that we did find, they were tarnished, the stars barely visible and small.

We even tried gem distributors and the largest online stores, but still no luck. As for the ring itself, most online sources would not let us design our own for anything within our budget. Some local stores would, but they were very difficult to work with since we knew roughly what we wanted but did not have an exact sketch. We found little patience or understanding. Eventually, we gave up on finding our star and started looking for other more traditional stones, just trying to make it work.

One day after walking through Lincoln Square before dinner, we noticed a jewelry store we were passing was open late and decided to stop in. We had no hopes of finding anything but liked the look of the place and thought why not.

We entered about 30 minutes before closing. When we described what we were looking for to the very friendly saleswoman, the first thing she said was ‘I enjoy a challenge’. That was the first positive reaction we had received to our request and it was very welcome. After a few minutes of looking at all the various rings and discussing customizations and changes, as well as their ability to get new stones if they did not have what we were looking for, she introduced Bruce.

By great luck, they happened to have a couple of blue star sapphires in stock, one of which was large and brilliant. Without telling Katie what was going on, I asked her to wait outside (she did not know about the stars). Bruce soon presented the two beautiful natural blue star sapphires, among many others. When he asked what we were looking to set it in, I said I didn’t know but had an idea. We had found one setting we liked, but it wasn’t quite right.

Bruce starting asking about what form we were looking for, and as we went back and forth describing the changes to the new ring, within 2 minutes I knew this was the person I had been hoping to find. With many, many details he patiently helped an idea that had been frustratingly imperfect take elegant form. He understood what we were looking for and took care in discussing every detail. We completely changed the shape of the ring we started with but the result was magnificent. When we discussed the budget, he was completely open about what everything would cost and made sure to stay within our means. He let me make every decision about what to go with, with no pressure whatsoever.

After we finished discussing the new ring and the many details such as height, how everything would flow, etc, I left a small deposit and walked outside. I told Katie I had found something she would like, but not at all what it was. She was amazed since we had never expected to have such luck so suddenly, based on our experience. I took her sister to see the ring when it was ready only a week and a half later and she described it: ‘It is as if you took my sister and put her in ring form.’

The next week, amidst a flurry of distractions and to Katie’s great surprise, I proposed at the top of the Hancock observatory. She said yes.

Even if you mess up everything else, the guy has to do one thing right, and that’s the ring. To say she loved the ring would be a severe understatement. Every family member, friend, friend of a friend and stranger has complimented it. Katie loved it so much we’re using it as the theme for the wedding. The color pallet will be of the blues in the sapphire and the shape of the ring will adorn the decorations and cards.

After months and months of difficulty, rejection, frustration and eventually giving up, we found Stanley Brown Jewelist and with patience and meticulous care, they helped give form to and bring life to everything we had given up.

If anyone ever asks me for engagement ring advice, I will send them to Stanley Brown Jewelist.

Bruce and his wife are the perfect people to work with, no matter how odd the request, how much trouble you’ve had before or even if you don’t know what you want, but know ten thousand things you don’t.

They have my highest recommendation and sincere gratitude.


Laura M.

For my engagement ring, I took in a loose diamond, picked out an antique-y looking mount, and had them put the diamond in. I also had them add little sapphires on the sides. It is the most beautiful ring in the world. (My fiancé was nice enough to let me fully take over ring design.) They helped me with every step, gave me accurate quotes, and did a beautiful job. They will do custom work on old jewelry, and turn a ring into a necklace, or include a family ring in a new ring. It is a great, comfortable, homey (not in a bad way) place.


Dan G.

Stanley Brown is an island unto itself!
We’ve done business with Stanley Brown for over 10 years. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’ve never dealt with an actual “Jeweler” you are in for a treat. There are very few true “Jewelist” left and Stanley Brown Jewelist isn’t a “box” store, it’s been a personal experience every time I’ve done business with them. Their ability to do custom work and find the PERFECT solution to fit your needs is unique in today’s “one size fits all” homogenized world. We have “family treasures” that the staff of Stanley Brown has made for us ….not simply common baubles. Bruce and Debbie have worked tirelessly to make sure we have received an education along with our beautiful jewelry! I travel for a living and believe me….try and walk into a “jewelry store” and get a watch battery replaced or have a ring sized in the store…..you almost can’t anymore! I’ve never heard “no” or “we can’t do that” at Stanley Brown from a simple charm for a bracelet all the way to a one of a kind custom ring or necklace.
If you are looking for quality, value, and integrity….you will find it at Stanley Brown.


Katie G.

I recently bought my wedding ring and couldn’t be more pleased! My fiancé had my engagement ring custom made at another jeweler. We’re super-happy with it but found the price of a custom made matching wedding band was more than we hoped to spend. I started looking at other jewelers for something that would work with my e-ring and our budget. I read the yelp reviews of Stanley Brown & thought it might be a good option – perhaps they could custom make something more affordable?
We stopped in on a Monday morning, explained the predicament & our budget. Shauna showed us several in-stock rings & also talked with us about the process of obtaining a quote for a custom ring. I quickly found an in stock ring that I LOVED! I honestly couldn’t take it off I liked it so much. It complemented my e-ring beautifully! Ready to be frustrated with another over-budget estimate, I asked how much it was. The response was a number less than 1/2 what we had planned to spend!!

Many jewelers probably wouldn’t have showed us this ring, as they could have had a much bigger sale… Stanley Brown took such good care of us! The ring is beautiful, the price was amazing, and we’ll definitely be back!

*Katie G.*
Updated – 6/24/2010

We returned to Stanley Brown Jewelist a few days before the wedding hoping to get some cuff links my fiancé already owned engraved with our wedding date. They were able to engrave them with short notice and did a beautiful job.
Even better, they suggested that I pick up the cuff links the Friday before the wedding so they could clean my rings for me before the big day. They cleaned my wedding ring, as well as my engagement ring (which was purchased elsewhere) beautifully.
But wait, it gets even better… At our wedding, we realized my fiancé’s wedding ring was too small. We had ordered mid-winter and what seemed like a comfortably snug fit then didn’t work at all in heat and humidity.
He was panicked about wearing a painfully tight ring on our honeymoon. I was panicked about him not wearing a wedding ring on our honeymoon. We shouldn’t have worried… we stopped at Stanley Brown Jewelist first thing Monday morning on our way to the airport and they resized his ring in plenty of time for us to catch our plane.

Highly, highly recommended. Their customer service is 2nd to none!


Sarah D.

My fiancé custom created my engagement ring at Stanley Brown. He came in and described me, what he was thinking for the ring, and Bruce was able to come up with a couple of different examples and ideas. They were extremely helpful, hospitable, and all around nice people. They practice their profession without pretense. My ring matches me perfectly and I get compliments on it every day.

I love that it’s one of a kind and that it supports local business. We’re going back to Stanley Brown for our wedding bands as well! I can’t wait to work with them again and hopefully many more times in the future.


Randi Z.

Not inexpensive, but they do great work. I took in several rings and necklaces from my mother and grandmother to be fixed – all came out fabulously. They patiently explained what work needed to be done, and offered suggestions. They also looked at some other items I had inherited and told me what the stones and metals were. Altogether helpful.


Amy H.

I stopped in after reading the Yelp reviews to have them check my diamond setting and they also did a complimentary cleaning. They were friendly and did it on the spot – all for free!



I found Stanley Brown online…I live in the neighborhood. After having experienced the jewelers downtown…and others in other states…I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised at the service and patience extended to me. I went in for a few repairs (nothing that would make them much money!)…they were done while I waited…and with a smile. They’ve gained my business and I’m glad to know they can design just about anything you might want. I can’t rave enough about this jeweler…a real “gem” is an understatement!


Heather H.

I love the folks at Stanley Brown Jewelers! Everyone who works there is great, and the customer service is unmatched!

We had been looking for a wedding band to compliment my engagement ring. We went to a ton of stores, and what a waste of time! If only we started at Stanley Browns.

Right away, from when we first walked in and told them what we were looking for, they cleaned my ER so it sparkled like it was brand new, and talked to us about a bunch of design ideas.

Bruce walked us through everything, and kept us informed every step of the way, from the stones he was finding to the wax mold design. They even were able to duplicate the engraving on the new band so it matched the ER exactly. You’d really think it was a matched set.

We couldn’t be happier with the end result! I get compliments from everyone on the ring! Just an outstanding job! Thanks SB for helping to make our Maui wedding sparkle!


Scott P.

It is difficult to imagine a finer experience than that provided by Stanley Brown.

Stanley Brown is like a neighborhood business that serves as an anchor to Lincoln Square and the surrounding community by providing quality products and, more importantly, GREAT service. They are very nice people who understand the importance of taking good care of their customers.

My wife and I have been customers for many years and will continue to be for many years to come.


Meg O.

My fiancé and I headed to Stanley Brown as good yelpers would having read the reviews…and they were spot on!
I found a completely unique band and they were nice enough to change out the diamond for a different cut. Before they would even work on the ring they brought us in to show up the new stone cut, explain the clarity and make sure that it was exactly what I wanted.
The best part was that everyone there came out to see the ring when we picked it up, even the dog who hoped his paws up on the counter to sneak a glance.
I am super happy and would recommend Stanley Brown to anyone who is looking for a jeweler who isn’t going to force you into buying through pushy tactics, but rather you enjoy the process and love the finished product.


Cheryl M.

This place is by far the best jeweler that I’ve been too. I got a wedding band for my future hubby here and Debbie was extremely helpful. We got it for the perfect price! They have so many pretty stones, rings, earrings, necklaces and pearls. They also do custom work. You can tell by the photos in the place that the owners really love what they do.

I have my eye on a ruby/diamond ring for our anniversary. After speaking with Debbie about my idea, she said that they have a lay-away program. Hint hint wink wink!

Highly recommended place where you will not be intimidated!!!! They definitely put you at ease about your purchase.


Kelly M.

I am a big fan of this place. I had visited several places before, looking for a great engagement ring, and they all treat you like used car salesmen almost. Here, the treatment is very friendly, personalized, and no pressure. They also do custom work at the store instead of contracting with someone else and shipping everything back and forth, which is great. They educate you if you want to be told about the various quality measurements for diamonds, and will get you the best value for your money.


Alex B.

This is a very professional operation. I brought in my grandfather’s wedding ring, which had been cut off his fat finger umpteen years ago. Unfortunately, he’d had the ring cut right in the middle of my grandmother’s inscription. The gentleman who works here gave me an extensive description of the process in which the ring would be fused, how much of the inscription I might expect to retain, etc. I really appreciated not only his knowledge, but his patience in explaining the process to me in layman’s terms. The final tab? $45 bucks. I’ll update this when I get the ring back, but seems like a great place for jewelry repair.

*Alex B.*
Updated – 1/8/2009

They did a great job on my ring and spared most of the precious inscription! If only they could do something about my ring-finger knuckle-hair…


Robin S.

I adore Stanley Brown Jewelers. My husband and I got our rings there- mine is semi-custom, and I constantly get compliments on them. They are nice, and patient, and also thorough. They assessed a set of pearls I have and took out two pearls to make them more wearable and made earrings out of them. I love Stanley Brown Jewelers and I also like patronizing local businesses instead of megamart big businesses.


Jessica M.

Highly recommended.

When my fiancé and I were looking for an engagement ring we started out at Jeweler’s Row downtown. It was a lukewarm yet overwhelming experience and I didn’t feel like I could necessarily trust most of the vendors there.

The next day we walked a block down Lincoln to Stanley Brown. What a difference! We ended up having a ring custom made to look vintage and it turned out beautifully. The people here were so nice (and patient) and there was no pressure at all. They were totally willing to work within our budget and didn’t blink an eye when we said we wanted a sapphire instead of a diamond. They really make you feel like they’re your personal jeweler.

Their jewelry designs are head and shoulders above your average strip mall type jewelry shop too. Every time I pass by their display window there’s something to die for.

Bonus: They have the sweetest German shepherd in there sometimes. His name is Peanut.


Robert F.

Stanley Brown Jewelers has been a fixture of Lincoln Square for almost a century and it seems to me they’ve learned a thing or two about service in that time.

Stanley Brown does two things different than many jewelers I’ve visited. First, they do custom work on site. While many places will outsource their custom work, you can actually talk to the person who will be making your piece.

That leads me to the second thing: service. Just for coming in and talking, they cleaned and polished my watch and my wife’s engagement ring. They’re patient, extremely knowledgeable, and not afraid to educate their customer.

If you want a jeweler more interested in keeping you as a customer than getting the highest margin off you, try Stanley Brown Jewelers.


Dana J.

They’re an established business. They’ve been there for a long time. They’re a fixture and presence in the neighborhood. They were very careful, that’s what you want in a jeweler.


Peter P.


I went into Stanley Brown Jewelry Store recently. I was a little concerned because I was looking more for service then making a big purchase. Basically I had a watch with a broken wrist band. One of the sales men took my watch and worked on it for 20 minutes or so. He had other customers, but he took my watch and attempted to repair it. In the end the band wasn’t salvageable. But it wasn’t for lack of trying. He would not take any money either. It is unusual these days to find an establishment willing to help a customer when at best it would be a small charge. They were extremely professional and caring. I will return for my jewelry store needs from now on.


Linda S.


I had 11 pieces of jewelry appraised, photographs taken of a few of the pieces as well as purchasing a new chain for a charm I also had an antique watch repaired ( which they sent out) and several ounces of gold cashed. I emailed Bruce for their pricing structure for appraisals and he answered very specifically and clearly so I understood how they set their fees. Everyone was nice in the store and I felt comfortable leaving all my jewelry. They were very helpful suggesting and adapting the easiest clasp for my charm and 20 inch chain. The antique watch was sent out to be fixed and Bruce let me know the cost before deciding to overhaul the piece. It did take a few weeks for the appraisals, but some of the pieces were quite old and took time to research as well as the shop being busy. I needed one piece appraised sooner and Bruce accommodated me within a few days. I felt they were fair in assessing the gold I brought in for scrap. The photographs were well done and they also emailed them so they would be on my computer. Overall, I was pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Some stores can be a little intimidating when you walk in but not here. I would definitely come back.

Additional Questions Answered when completing this report
How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on
How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money’s worth
How far in advance did you schedule the work? same day
Did you find the company through Angie’s List? yes
If yes, which source(s)? website
Why did you choose this contractor? location, reputation
Have you used this company before? I’ve used this company before
What did you like most about this contractor? Family run business. Dog people…


Aliya S.


I dropped my ring off before going on vacation, and they informed me that they were going on vacation the following week on Tuesday and I needed to pick up the ring on Monday. The ring was ready before Monday and they made several attempts to notify me. On drop off and pick up all of the employees were very nice and informative. I will probably purchase my fiancés wedding band from there.


Martin W.


Appraisal of 4 watches for insurance purposes. The appraiser provided essential documentation and backup information for each watch with an approximate replacement price. The staff was extremely friendly and explained the appraisal process concisely. I will definitely use this jeweler for all my future appraisals as well as future jewelry/watch purchases. Wonderful job with superior customer service. It was an absolute pleasure to work with this jeweler/staff. Provided written reports within the stated 1 week deadline, which was then given to insurance agent for underwriting purposes.


Heather H.

Right away, from when we first walked in and told them what we were looking for, they cleaned my ER so it sparkled like it was brand new, and talked to us about a bunch of design ideas. Bruce walked us through everything, and kept us informed every step of the way, from the stones he was finding to the wax mold design. They even were able to duplicate the engraving on the new band so it matched the ER exactly. You’d really think it was a matched set. We couldn’t be happier with the end result! I get compliments from everyone on the ring! Just an outstanding job! Thanks SB for helping to make our Maui wedding sparkle!

Additional Questions Answered when completing this report
How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on
How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money’s worth
How far in advance did you schedule the work? same day
Did you find the company through Angie’s List? no
If no, what was the other source? Walk in
Why did you choose this contractor? location, reputation
Have you used this company before? this is the first time I’ve used this company
What did you like most about this contractor? Willingness to work on designs


Byron U.

Stanley Brown fixed 2 watches – an antique watch that stopped working and a regular quartz analog watch that needed a new face plate. Overall, very good. They were able to fix both within a week. This is a Mom & Pop shop in the neighborhood and the quality is excellent. The price was higher than I expected, but the service was worth it.

Additional Questions Answered when completing this report
How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on
How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got exactly what I paid for
How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week
Did you find the company through Angie’s List? no
Why did you choose this contractor? location
Have you used this company before? this is the first time I’ve used this company
What did you like most about this contractor? Location, attentive service.


Andrew B.


Wonderfully helpful staff. My girlfriend and I were back and forth between a few different places but ultimately settled on this establishment for her engagement ring. An institution in and of itself.


A Google User


My wife and I first bought our wedding rings there almost 30 years ago. Every birthday and holiday I go there for the finest jewelry and service. They never disappoint. Bruce and Debbie (Debbie’s mom and dad owned the store and turned it over to family to continue its traditions) are experts at what they do. Tell them what you want…they either have it, find it, or make it just for you. You will never be disappointed by these fine folks.



Excellent jewelry store, excellent service. I bought my wedding ring and engagement here, and my fiancé is ordering a wedding band for himself. They have been there 94 years- the oldest store in the Lincoln Square area, and it shows in their quality. I was going to buy elsewhere but I completely changed my mind.

Good selection, nice people, honest appraisal of vintage jewelry.


Nick A.

Replaced my watch batteries for $10/ea (even the brands some jewelers won’t work on)