1912- The Bobzien Brothers start a jewelry business located at 4825 N. Western Avenue in Chicago, IL.

1946- The brothers take Stanley Brown under their wing and sell their jewelry business to him. Stanley (a watchmaker) renames the business and turns it from costume jewelry into a fine jewelry business.

1967- Stanley moves the business to our current location at 4751 N. Lincoln Avenue.

1985- Stanley retires and his daughter Debbie and husband Bruce Ekstrom take over the family business.

February 14th, 2017- Seth & Shauna Hunter purchase the business. Shauna began working at Stanley Brown Jewelist in 2009. Both she and Seth are excited and honored to be able to continue the tradition of being a family run jewelry business.



Stanley Brown Jewelist is one of Chicago’s oldest family-owned and operated fine jewelry stores. Since 1912, families have trusted us for all their jewelry needs. We offer custom design services as well as a large selection of unique ready-made items. For over one hundred years it has been the cornerstone of Stanley Brown Jewelist to operate with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. From your smallest repair needs to your largest purchase, you will receive personal service and attention.

We were awarded “Business of the Year” in 2000 by the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce, for devoted and valuable service rendered to the community. In 2007, as “June Member of the Month.” we were recognized for our commitment to making the neighborhood the best possible environment for doing business.


Who Are We?

Shauna Hunter - I am a former fourth grade teacher who has very happily and unexpectedly become a jeweler and small business owner.  Seth and I moved to Chicago in 2009 so he could attend graduate school, and though I loved teaching very much, I also thought it would be fun to try something different while we were here.  So, I called up Debbie (who had posted a job opening online) and asked her if she wanted to hire a teacher who had zero jewelry experience.  She responded, "Well, I'd hate to think that I'm so closed-minded that I wouldn't interview you."  I showed up for a two hour interview and began working at Stanley Brown Jewelist the following week and stayed for the next eight years!  Seth and I had originally planned on moving back to Colorado after he was done with school, and I would resume teaching.  Little did we know that Chicago would get a hold of us in ways we could not imagine!  We fell in love with the community, we fell in love with the culture, and I fell in love with my job!  My philosophy of running this business is very much like my philosophy of teaching.  I believe everyone deserves to be educated, everyone needs to be treated with kindness and respect, and everyone must be their own advocate.  Ask me questions, challenge me to be a life-long student of my trade, and let me serve you in the greatest capacity I am able!

Seth Hunter - I am a jeweler, artist, curator, and teacher. When the opportunity to work directly with my wife, Shauna (as co-owners of Stanley Brown Jewelist) came up I was ready! We had long discussed our desire to work together and this seemed like the best way to make that desire a reality. Our purchase of the business happened as the former owners (Bruce and Debbie) moved toward retirement. We already have two years as business owners under our belt and look forward to many more to come. My specific interests here involve a fascination with metals especially pure gold, silver, and copper (24K gold, fine silver, fine copper) and the use of those materials in crafting my own designs. I also really love stones in their most natural state or very close to it, this means uncut or minimally cut stones that really show the raw potential. Beyond the production of our own line of jewelry I am also working to build a solid program of exhibitions and a searchable archive of activity associated with Stanley Brown Jewelist.