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We can engrave on most metals with a diamond type stylus with a selection of fonts.  Base prices for these jobs starts at $25 for the first 3 letters and $1 per letter after that.

If you're interested in hand engraving we have a master hand engraver who can engrave any metal. We will need to see the item before we can get an estimate.



We do appraisals for replacement cost purposes. The fee is $100 for 3 pieces and $20 per piece after that. Typically they take around a week as our appraiser is here on Saturdays.



Add-A-Pearl necklaces are usually started with 1, 3 or more pearls on a chain. Additional pearls can be purchased to mark a special occasion. There are different sized pearls that can be added, as well as, choosing gold, white gold or silver for the chain.


Watch Battery

We replace watch batteries in house. Prices are $10-$15 and it typically takes a couple of minutes.
Most watch batterires can be replaced same day while you wait.


Gold & Silver Scrap

If you have pieces of gold or silver lying around that are no longer wanted we can recycle it for you.  We pay out the price for the percentage of pure gold in the piece not alloy. Example: 14k gold is 58.5% pure gold the rest is alloy. 18k gold is 75% pure.
Scrap can be applied/created to custom projects.


Ear Piercing

Pricing for piercings are $25 for Titanium Earrings & $55 for gold earrings. 

Piercings do require appointments, so be sure to contact us before coming in to be pierced.